A Marines' Story: 
          4 years as a Japanese P.O.W.
Moments in Time

Recognition for Kirk arrives 63 years after captivity when he is finally awarded the Purple Heart at the 2004 Marine Corps Birthday Ball.  With 2,500 fellow Marines in attendance, his award is presented by B/Gen. Thomas A. "Beans" Benes, Director Strategy & Plans Division, Plans, Policies & Operations,
HQ USMC, Washington, D.C.

Terry and Oliver North swap tales on the set of "War Stories."
  Kirk is featured in episodes 'War Crimes Trials' and 'Prisoners of the Rising Sun.'  Ollie and the crew discovered his prison camp pictures in the war crimes trials archives. North confirmed to Kirk that the pictures were indeed used as he intended.  The official record reflects that the risk was worth the reward

On the set of A&E's History Channel filming "The Last Days of World War II." Since Kirk was held every day of the war and scheduled to be part of the bombing of Nagasaki, he was featured in the final episode.

National Museum of the Pacific War:  Terence Kirk recounts his capture on December 7, 1941 as keynote speaker for the Pearl Harbor Day ceremonies and book signing afterward.  Event was organized by Asst. Director of the Nimitz Museum, Helen McDonald.

The story of how Terence Kirk secretly built a camera as a POW to document war crimes, was told before a crowd of 6,000 by B/Gen. Michael Hagee, 33rd Commandant of the USMC.  Hagee asks Kirk to stand and be recognized, where he receives a standing ovation.  While still not official, the recognition is from the Marine Corps highest ranking officer.

Gathering of Sergeant Majors: Terence Kirk here at an invitation only event in Washington D.C.  The Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps, John L. Estrada, recounts the details of The Secret Camera.  Kirk receives accolades from his fellow Marines decades after the event. 

Hanging with the Nuge:  Kirk and rocker Ted Nugent rub elbows at an election night party.  The crowd is treated to the original Nugent guitar version of The Star Spangled Banner.  Kirk admits he doesn't know the words to "Cat Scratch Fever"  but the meeting moves Ted Nugent to write an inspiring quote for the book.

Blood Brothers:  This photo was snapped at a Purple Heart award ceremony for Martin Gatewood, a Wake Island Hero.  Gatewood, along with "Duck Butt" James Wilson operated the security detail, as lookouts while Kirk ran the gauntlet to take the photos.  Had Gatewood and Wilson been caught helping Kirk, it would have meant certain death for all the men.  It was the first reunion of the men since leaving camp.  Gatewood recognizes Kirk immediately in the crowd. It was a very poignant moment for all attending the festivities. 

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